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Our team can handle the process from start to finish, while making sure you get exactly what you expect from a solar company.

Take Control of Your Energy Use


Solar power is undoubtedly one of the major, as-yet-untapped resources on which one can rely to alleviate this dependency. With the energy market displaying increasing volatility, the time is ripe to develop ways to move towards independence.


Satic Solar wants to work with you to implement a solar solution that lowers your power bill and contributes to being less reliant on your electrical utility company.


It's well documented that showing responsible stewardship reflects positively on a communities perception of a local business. With tax credits, accelerated depreciation and the marketing value of community stewardship makes solar for business a wise short and long term finanical decision.


SaticSolar Design Studio

When making the decision to implement a solar system, you deserve a quality solar system that was designed, installed and serviced by experts. When considering the installation of a solar system you will likely have multiple questions including:

  • Where and how will the panels be situated?

  • How will they look and impact my roof?

  • How much electricity will they produce?

  • How will that production impact my finances?

  • How long do they last?

  • Who maintains them?

Monitored Consumption

Once your new system is installed, we teach our clients how to monitor their energy production with easy to use apps. 

Leading Montana In Solar Power

Customer Testimonials


"Had a 5kilowatt system installed about 3 weeks ago with these guys I am very happy with how it all went. The installation and setup went very smoothly and the salesman was excellent. He took his time to fully explain and show my husband and I how and where we would be saving with the system and what our money would go towards. We had always spoken about solar but could never justify the big outlaying costs. Would recommend to anyone looking saving some money on power bills without paying a big lump sum for a system."

Alyssa M. | Missoula, Montana

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