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About Satic Solar

Satic Solar was founded by 3rd generation Montanans in June of 2008. It started with a line of solar power related products that empower every human to actively create global change, reduce our negative impact on the planet and benefit from this change financially. Our research and development is focused on creating and promoting products that empower people to conserve natural and financial resources. From solar arrays to in-home energy management systems, efficient use of resources is at the core of the company's foundation and philosophy.

Satic Solar's vision of creating an economic stimulus for our clients by providing cost-saving products, while turning to our own U.S. based workforce with U.S. made products. Solar power installation, by it's very nature, is a cost-saving endeavor for the homeowner and purchasing the system from a U.S. centric company, Satic Solar is a triple win; Company, Customer and Community.

Meet The Team

1S9A4846 (1).jpg

B.D. Erickson II

CEO | Satic, Inc.


Denis Blackstun

CFO | Satic, Inc.

1S9A4771 (2).jpg

Lynn Churchill PhD

CIO| Satic, Inc.


Brad E. Layton PhD

CTO Lead Engineer | Satic, Inc.

1S9A4811 (1).jpg

Ragan Erickson

LEAN Six Sigma Manufacturing Manager | Satic, Inc.

1S9A4821 (1).jpg

Alden Erickson I

VP Dealer Network | Satic, Inc.

1S9A4743 (1).jpg

Dylan Smith

Brand Invigorator | Satic, Inc.

1S9A4804 (1).jpg

Dalen Erickson III

Dealer Network Director | Satic, Inc.


Valerie Rayevich

Customer Care | Satic, Inc.

1S9A4756 (2).jpg

Mike Wemple

Project Manager | Satic Solar.


Aldo Ruiz

Manufacturing Technician | Satic Solar

1S9A4829 (2).jpg

Tim Chester

Lead Installer | Satic Solar

1S9A4779 (1).jpg

Aaron Reckley

Technician | Satic Solar


Dewey Erickson

Installer | Satic Solar


BD and his team were great through the entire process of installing our solar panels. We were living out of state while they were being installed, so Satic Solar worked with our builder and did a fantastic job. BD was great in communicating and keeping us informed through the entire process and following up on the inspection and net meter process with our local electricity company. We will definitely use Satic Solar again when we are ready to install additional solar panels in the future. We highly recommend them for anyone who is in the market for solar.

Kristine Joe Puri | California

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