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Feel Good Friday: Regent Realty Goes Solar

On a frosty but clear fall morning St. Regis resident George Bailey headed to Missoula for an activity that most Montanan’s love, attending a University of Montana football game.

Yet enjoying one of the best settings in college football wasn’t the only thing he would enjoy this day as he walked directly into the Satic Solar tailgate party. He had been interested in solar so the planning stage was short and Satic Solar van wheels were traveling to the small town of St. Regis, Montana where solar was installed on his business, Regent Realty.

Mr. Bailey had wanted to go solar to cut his power bill, be more environmentally conscious for his community while raising the value and environmentally friendly appearance of his real property.

Less than a week later, the install was complete. George reports that aside from the financial benefits of going solar, Bailey and Regent Realty have seen some other kinds of benefits.

“We’ve seen lower power bills that are also more consistent” Bailey said.

Regent Realty isn’t the only ones seeing the instant benefits of going solar, it has effected so much more than the community expected.

“Other residential and commercial customers have reached out to Satic Solar for systems,” Bailey says, “people are so interested in solar that we are now developing an 8 Mega Watt community-based array.”

Benefits from going solar can be seen everywhere you go in St. Regis, Montana and they are only going to continue. The entire community saw how much of an impact the solar panels made on Regent Realty have made and they wanted to know more.

St. Regis is a community setting an example for all by going solar.

“Check out the opportunity to go solar, Satic Solar is a great company.” George finishes with a smile.

Contact Satic Solar if you’re interested in going solar, the consultations are always free.


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